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Can I change the background colors?2023-05-01T08:46:01-04:00

Yes, you can customize the background colors on both the dark and light themes to your liking. You can access the theme customization options by going to the settings menu.

How do I get UV Weather Pro?2023-05-16T13:57:50-04:00

To upgrade to UV Weather Pro after installing UV Weather, you have two options.

Option 1: Click on the badge and in the pop-up, click on the Crown icon located at the top-right corner of the window. This will take you to the upgrade page where you can proceed with the upgrade process.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can access the upgrade option from the side bar menu. Open the side bar menu and look for the “Upgrade to UV Weather Pro” option. Select it, and it will redirect you to the upgrade page.

What is UV Weather?2023-04-09T13:34:09-04:00

UV Weather is a personalized, AI-powered global weather forecasting browser extension that provides hyper-local accuracy for real-time weather data and forecasts for anywhere in the world.

Where is UV Weather developed?2023-04-08T20:52:06-04:00

UV Weather, developed by Comfable, is a female-founded Canadian company. They launched an AI-powered global weather forecasting tool with hyperlocal accuracy in July 2020 after a few months of internal testing.

How do I install UV Weather to my Chrome?2023-04-08T19:22:04-04:00

UV Weather is distributed through the official Chrome Web Store. Please navigate to UV Weather Page and click the “Add To Chrome” button.

Can I fullscreen the UV Weather extension?2023-04-20T23:06:54-04:00

Chrome extensions are designed to run within the browser’s user interface and do not have the ability to manipulate the browser’s window or go into full screen mode.

How can I know the changes in an update?2023-04-08T21:05:58-04:00

You can find the changes in an update from the changelog by checking the release notes.

How accurate and reliable is UV Weather?2023-04-08T11:19:22-04:00

UV Weather provides hyper-local accuracy beyond imagination, powered by AI technology, and offers real-time weather data and forecasts for anywhere in the world, making it a reliable source for weather information.

How many active users does UV Weather have?2023-04-08T11:24:17-04:00

UV Weather has over 100,000 active users in 190 countries who use it to plan their day.

What features does UV Weather offer?2023-11-09T08:12:53-05:00

UV Weather offers multiple features, including support for

  • multiple locations,
  • temperature display in the browser toolbar,
  • full weather details,
  • live radar map (Pro feature),
  • weather alerts and warnings,
  • news-style weather reports by AI technology (Pro feature),
  • wind direction, speed, and gusts forecast,
  • real-time Air Quality Index and pollutant concentrations,
  • weather-related health and safety information,
  • hourly air quality forecast (Pro feature),
  • UV Index on hourly and daily basis,
  • minute-to-minute precipitation forecasts,
  • daily and hourly weather forecasts,
  • 30-day extended weather forecast (Pro feature),
  • outlook weather forecast, s
  • olar times, sunshine duration,
  • AccuFeel (accurate Feels Like temperature),
  • dark and light theme, automatic switch to dark mode at night (Pro feature), and more.
Can I use UV Weather on different browsers?2023-04-12T13:34:29-04:00

Yes, UV Weather is a browser extension that can be installed on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Opera and Edge.

How is AccuFeel different from “Feels Like” temperature?2023-04-08T20:07:42-04:00

AccuFeel offers a more precise and accurate “Feels Like” temperature than a typical description, taking into account various factors such as humidity, wind speed, cloud cover and other atmospheric conditions.

How can I view a forecast for more than 7 days?2023-04-08T19:02:15-04:00

The forecast for more than 7 days is only available for Pro users through the 30-day extended forecast, which can be accessed at the end of the Daily screen or through the sidebar menu.

How can I find information about moon phases?2023-04-08T19:17:19-04:00

To know about moon phases, you can hover over the moon icon on the right side of the screen during night time.

How do I know about new updates to the app?2023-04-08T12:59:13-04:00

Your app will update automatically when we release a new version.

Where can I find the minute-by-minute weather forecast?2023-05-21T09:13:16-04:00

The minute-by-minute weather forecast can be found in the left section of the main screen. Look for the precipitation information, which includes the specific start and stop times if applicable.

Can I change the weather data update interval?2023-04-08T19:17:32-04:00

Yes, you can change the update interval in the Settings. The frequency of weather data updates depends on the chosen interval, which can be set to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 120 minutes. The minimum update interval available for pro users is 15 minutes.

How can I change the wind unit?2023-04-08T18:50:19-04:00

To change the wind unit from ms to mph, kmh, or bft, go to the app settings and look for the wind unit option. Select the desired unit from the available options.

What are the features offered in the Pro version?2023-04-08T13:17:59-04:00

The Pro version offers a Live Radar map, weather reports in news-style by AI technology, hourly air quality forecast, a 30-day extended weather forecast, and automatic dark mode switching at night, among other features.

What are the main features of the UV Weather?2023-11-09T08:16:27-05:00

The main features of the UV Weather service include

  • AI Reports, which provide personalized weather updates and forecasts in a news-style format through AI technology;
  • AccuFeel, which offers a more precise and accurate “Feels Like” temperature than a typical description;
  • UV Index, which provides real-time, hourly, and daily information on UV levels, adjusting for cloud impact;
  • Air Quality, which includes Air Quality Index and air pollutant concentrations, as well as an hourly air quality forecast;
  • and Solar & Lunar Timings.
What is the pricing for the UV Weather Pro subscription?2023-11-09T08:57:12-05:00

The UV Weather Pro subscription is currently priced at $4 per month. However, we have a limited-time offer of 50% off, so you can subscribe for only $2 per month ($24 per year). The subscription renews automatically for uninterrupted service.

What payment method is accepted for the subscription?2023-05-16T14:06:44-04:00

The subscription is powered by Stripe and accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Is my payment information safe?2023-05-16T13:49:42-04:00

Yes, your payment information is safe. We use SSL encryption and partner with Stripe, a trusted payment processor known for its strong security measures. Your transactions are encrypted for added protection, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your payment details.

How can I cancel my subscription?2023-04-08T13:12:54-04:00

To cancel your yearly subscription, simply navigate to the sidebar menu and select “Manage Your Subscription.” From there, you can easily cancel your subscription.

What themes does UV Weather provide?2023-04-08T12:54:57-04:00

UV Weather provides both dark and light themes for users to choose from based on their visual preferences.

How can I request a feature?2023-04-10T09:12:14-04:00

We value users’ feedback on how to improve the UV Weather’s features and functionality. Please visit “Request a Feature” page and submit your idea.

What does the AI Reports feature of UV Weather provide?2023-04-08T19:19:14-04:00

The AI Reports feature of UV Weather provides personalized weather updates and forecasts in a news-style format through AI technology.

Does UV Weather offer a Live Radar map?2023-04-08T11:31:21-04:00

Yes, UV Weather offers a Live Radar map as a Pro feature, providing you with real-time radar imagery for tracking weather patterns in your area.

Does UV Weather offer weather alerts and warnings?2023-04-08T11:21:08-04:00

Yes, UV Weather displays weather alerts and warnings to keep you informed about any potential weather-related risks or hazards in your area.

Does UV Weather provide information on air quality?2023-04-08T11:20:40-04:00

Yes, UV Weather provides real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) and air pollutant concentrations, as well as hourly air quality forecast (Pro feature) to help you stay informed about the air quality in your area.

Can I manually add a location in UV Weather?2023-11-03T16:20:41-04:00

By default, UV Weather uses your current location. However, you can select a different location. At the top-right of the page, you will see an icon of a magnifier. Click over this icon to view Search section. From here you will be able to select your city/town.

Is there a pro version of UV Weather?2023-04-08T19:20:27-04:00

Yes, UV Weather offers a Pro version with additional features such as a Live Radar map, news-style weather reports by AI technology, hourly air quality forecast, 30-day extended weather forecast, automatic switch to dark mode at night, and more.

How do I change to Fahrenheit and Celsius?2023-04-08T19:20:47-04:00

At the top-right of the page, you will see an icon of a gear. Click over this icon to view Units. From here you will be able to select your desired temperature settings.

Why doesn’t my town/city come up in the search bar?2023-04-13T09:57:21-04:00

Although our location list currently includes hundreds of thousands across the world, the world is a big! If that is the case, please send us a missing place report and let our team know. In the meantime, searching for the nearest larger town or city should find a result.

What does “AccuFeel” temperature mean?2023-04-08T20:06:33-04:00

The “AccuFeel” temperature is a term used to describe how the weather feels to humans, taking into consideration factors such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover and other atmospheric conditions. It is often used as an indicator of how the weather may impact human comfort and perception of temperature, as it can differ from the actual air temperature.

Why can’t the app auto-detect my exact location?2023-11-03T16:26:17-04:00

The accuracy of location detection is heavily dependent on your Internet service provider (IP Address). If the location chosen by your device is incorrect, please add correct location manually. At the top-right of the page, you will see an icon of a magnifier. Click over this icon to view Search section.

Where are the sunrise and sunset times?2023-04-08T11:15:48-04:00

You can view the sunrise and sunset times for your chosen location on the Solar Times page. At the bottom of the page, you will see an icon of sun. Click over this icon to view Solar Times.

How do I have a white icon for chrome dark theme?2023-04-08T19:21:50-04:00

If you are using a dark theme Chrome browser and the weather icon on the toolbar is not clear, just active the “White Icon on Browser’s Toolbar” in the “Settings”.

How do I get support for UV Weather Pro?2023-11-05T20:33:51-05:00

To get support for UV Weather Pro, email info@uvweather.net. They respond within a few hours during working hours and within 24 hours on weekends.

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to contact us at info@uvweather.net.