Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts at Your Fingertips

Hyperlocal Weather Forecasts at Your Fingertips

We’re dedicated to easy access of accurate weather data.
Our vision is to empower weather decisions, anywhere.

UV Weather, developed by Comfable, is a female-founded Canadian company. They launched an AI-powered global weather forecasting tool with hyperlocal accuracy in July 2020 after a few months of internal testing.

Currently available on Chrome, the UV Weather extension brings the weather information you need to plan your day, no matter where you are in the world. Our expert team uses advanced technology to gather and analyze real-time weather data from multiple sources, resulting in highly accurate and personalized forecasts.

With over 100,000 active users in 190 countries who use it to plan their day, UV Weather is quickly becoming a trusted and indispensable tool for people all around the globe.

We are proud of our partners, and only work with the very best.

At UV Weather, we contribute a portion of our revenue to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere via Stripe Climate.


Comfable Inc.
15 Wellesley St. W #201
Toronto, ON M4Y 0G7, Canada



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