3 min read . June 21, 2023

Are you planning a summer road trip in your Tesla? With the warmer months upon us, it’s essential to prepare for hot weather driving. In this guide, we’ll share tips and tricks to help you stay cool and comfortable during your Tesla summer road trip. From pre-trip preparations to on-the-road strategies, we’ve got you covered. So buckle up, grab your sunglasses, and let’s hit the road!

Pre-Trip Preparations

Check Your Tires
Before embarking on any road trip, it’s crucial to ensure your tires are in good condition. Hot weather can cause tire pressure to increase, which may lead to a blowout if not properly managed. Check your Tesla’s tire pressure and adjust as needed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Inspect Your Battery
Your Tesla’s battery is its lifeblood, so make sure it’s in tip-top shape before hitting the road. High temperatures can affect battery performance and charging times. Keep an eye on your battery health through the Tesla app or onboard diagnostics.

Update Your Software
Tesla frequently releases software updates that improve vehicle performance and efficiency. Make sure you’re running the latest version before setting off on your adventure.

Plan Your Charging Stops
While Teslas have impressive range capabilities, it’s still important to plan out charging stops along your route—especially during hot weather when battery efficiency may be impacted.

Pack Smartly
When packing for a summer road trip, consider how much weight you’re adding to your vehicle—extra weight can reduce range and efficiency.

Prepare for Emergencies
It’s always wise to have an emergency kit in your car that includes items like water, non-perishable snacks, a flashlight, jumper cables (for helping fellow travelers), and a first-aid kit.


Tesla On-the-Road Strategies

Use Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Protection
Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Protection feature is designed to keep the interior temperature below a certain threshold when parked in hot weather. This can help protect your car’s battery and electronics, as well as keep the cabin comfortable for when you return.

Precondition Your Cabin
Before getting into your car on a hot day, use the Tesla app to remotely start the air conditioning. This will cool down the cabin before you even step inside, making for a more comfortable driving experience.

Utilize Sunshades
Invest in sunshades for your Tesla’s windows to block out sunlight and reduce heat buildup inside the cabin. This simple accessory can make a significant difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature during your road trip.

Drive Efficiently
Driving efficiently can help extend your Tesla’s range and reduce strain on its battery during hot weather travel. Avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking, maintain a steady speed, and use regenerative braking whenever possible.

Stay Hydrated
It may seem obvious, but staying hydrated is essential during any summer road trip—especially when driving in hot weather conditions. Keep plenty of water on hand and take regular breaks to stretch your legs and rehydrate.

Monitor Your Battery Temperature
Keep an eye on your Tesla’s battery temperature through the onboard diagnostics or app while driving in hot weather conditions. If it starts to get too warm, consider taking a break from driving or finding shade to park under until it cools down.

Charging Tips for Hot Weather Travel

Supercharge Strategically
When planning your charging stops, try to time them with meal breaks or sightseeing opportunities so that you’re not just sitting around waiting for your car to charge.

Charge During Cooler Times of Day
If possible, plan your charging stops during cooler times of day—such as early morning or late evening—to help reduce the strain on your Tesla’s battery.

Use Charging Station Amenities
Many Tesla Supercharger stations offer amenities like shaded parking, air-conditioned lounges, and even free Wi-Fi. Take advantage of these features to stay cool and comfortable while your car charges.

Keep an Eye on Charging Speeds
Hot weather can impact charging speeds, so monitor your Tesla’s charging progress to ensure it’s charging efficiently. If you notice a significant slowdown, consider moving to a different charger or waiting for cooler temperatures.

Don’t Overcharge
While it may be tempting to charge your Tesla to 100% before hitting the road, doing so can actually reduce efficiency and range during hot weather travel. Aim for around 80-90% charge instead.

Be Mindful of Other Drivers
During peak travel times, Supercharger stations can get busy. Be courteous to fellow Tesla drivers by not occupying a charger longer than necessary and sharing available chargers when possible.

With proper planning and smart driving strategies, you can enjoy a comfortable and efficient summer road trip in your Tesla—even in hot weather conditions. By following these tips and staying mindful of your vehicle’s performance, you’ll be well-equipped for an unforgettable adventure on the open road. So go ahead—crank up the tunes, roll down the windows (or blast that AC), and make some memories!