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Toronto, Canada

Release date:
Open beta released on 20 September 2019.

UV Weather is a Chrome extension that works on Chrome OS, macOS, Windows and Linux.


UV Weather Chrome extension: Check the forecast right in your browser.

Short description

This lightweight extension helps you planning your day and keeping yourself safe in the sun. The app icon is automatically updated to your current UV Index / Temperature. Click the icon and you will get detailed weather data.

Extended description

Whether you live in the scorching deserts of Arizona, the temperate climate of San Diego, or the frigid winters of Minnesota, it’s important to know the forecast on any given day. This will allow you to plan activities, wardrobe choices, and coordinate events. However, it’s easy to forget to check the weather since you most of the time have to go out of your way to do so. This involves pulling out your phone, trying to search for the weather by zip code, and other methods that take time and require you to go outside of your normal routine.

However, a new solution has arrived that is built right within the web browser that you can access any time to see real-time forecasts and weather information all at the click of a button. That solution is called UV Weather. It is an innovative new Chrome extension that allows you to see weather forecasts and heat index information so that you can be well-prepared, safe, and comfortable during your day since you’ll always know what Mother Nature is going to throw at you.

As an added bonus of functionality, UV Weather is specifically designed to help keep you safe from UV rays by informing you of the intensity of the sun at any given time. For those who are conscious about protecting themselves from the harmful effects of the sun, this extension is a no-brainer and provides them with an easy way to access critical weather information that can keep you safe!

⦁ Full weather report (Wind, Rain, Pressure and more)
⦁ UV Index (hourly & daily)
⦁ AccuFeel, an accurate Feels Like temperature
⦁ Precipitation forecast map
⦁ 7-day and 24-hour weather forecasts
⦁ Solar times (sunrise, sunset and more)
⦁ Automatic location detection
⦁ An option to manually add location
⦁ Real-time weather updates
⦁ Made in Canada
⦁ One-click install, no settings needed
⦁ Dark and light theme
⦁ Auto switch to dark mode at night
⦁ White icon for dark Chrome browser theme
⦁ Clean, simple, and sleek design
⦁ Powered by QSun® & Dark Sky®


UV Weather has an average user review score of 4.9 out of 5 on the Chrome Web Store. Some selected user reviews:

“A simple, nice weather extension. Short, sweet, and exactly what I wanted. Easy to read and good image of forecast.”

“Displays current temperature and more details when clicked. Absolutely love it! No need to check mobile for weather.”
HOON KIM (Canada)

“Great extension, very helpful and easy to use, now it makes so easy to check weather! also shows UVI which is extremely helpful!”
GIN BAI (China)

“This is absolutely necessary for anyone to have! especially for me, that I am living in Australia is very useful to check the UV, and I keep checking it on a daily basis.”
HELIA ARIAN (Australia)

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