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Could you share with us why you’re uninstalling?

    Why should I give UV Weather another shot?2024-01-19T16:53:11-05:00
    • UV Weather has been rocking the charts on the Google Chrome Store for two years straight!
    • Unlike other weather apps that update only when opened, UV Weather takes the initiative, refreshing weather data on your browser toolbar’s badge every hour.
    • While other extensions are playing spy games, we’re keeping it chill. No selling your info, no creepy ads. We don’t want to know what you had for breakfast—just want to make sure you know if it’s going to rain.
    Why charge for Pro? Make the whole app free!2024-01-04T22:43:35-05:00
    • Picture this: 100,000 users hanging out in the UV Weather club. Servers and top-notch weather data ain’t cheap, my friend. And don’t even get us started on the ongoing development party.
    • No yacht parties on our end. Your Pro subscription cash? Straight into securing the best weather intel, upgrading servers, and making UV Weather the raddest thing on your browser.
    Why pay for Pro when I can get free weather data?2024-01-09T00:05:27-05:00
    • UV Weather’s Pro isn’t just about weather data; it’s a game-changer. While free weather apps might give you the basics, UV Weather Pro is your VIP pass to a weather experience that goes above and beyond.
    • UV Weather Pro transforms your weather-checking routine into a personalized, feature-packed adventure, making every penny well worth it!