How do I install UV Weather to my Chrome?2020-02-16T20:54:40-05:00

UV Weather is distributed through the official Chrome Web Store. Please navigate to UV Weather Page and click the “Add To Chrome” button.

How accurate and reliable is UV Weather?2021-11-12T17:16:29-05:00

Eerily accurate! UV Weather’s forecasts are powered by OpenWeatherMap, one of the world’s most accurate weather services. Also, UV Weather presents a unique AccuFeel Temperature. It is the apparent temperature based on air temperature, humidity, cloud cover, wind speed, and solar radiation.

Why can’t the app detect my location?2020-02-16T20:55:25-05:00

The accuracy of location detection is heavily dependent on your Internet service provider (IP Address). If the location chosen by your device is incorrect, please add correct location manually. At the top-right of the page, you will see an icon of a magnifier. Click over this icon to view Search section.

Why doesn’t my town/city come up in the search bar?2020-02-16T20:55:34-05:00

Although our location list currently includes hundreds of thousands across the world, the world is a big! If that is the case, please send us a missing place report and let our team know. In the meantime, searching for the nearest larger town or city should find a result.

How do I change to Fahrenheit and Celsius?2020-02-16T20:55:39-05:00

At the bottom-right of the page, you will see an icon of a gear. Click over this icon to view Units. From here you will be able to select your desired temperature settings.

What does “AccuFeel” temperature mean?2020-02-16T20:53:45-05:00

The temperatures in our forecasts represent the “air temperature” forecast – that is, the temperature that a properly shielded thermometer would record. However, there are factors which can lead to a day “feeling” hotter or colder than this value alone might suggest. Thus, the “AccuFeel” temperature is designed to give an indication as to when these extra factors may combine to make the apparent temperature seem higher, or lower, than indicated.

Where are the sunrise and sunset times?2020-02-16T20:53:56-05:00

You can view the sunrise and sunset times for your chosen location on the Solar Times page. At the bottom of the page, you will see an icon of sun. Click over this icon to view Solar Times.

How do I know when you have released a new update to the app?2020-02-16T20:53:54-05:00

Your app will update automatically when we release a new version.

Will you offer any other non-English translations?2020-02-16T20:54:00-05:00

Probably not. We do a lot of text manipulation for our forecast data, and it’s not really feasible for us to do translations right now.

How do I report a technical problem with the app?2020-02-16T20:53:48-05:00

We try to make sure there are as few technical problems with the app as possible. However, if you have identified an issue that is not covered by our FAQs above, please let us know.

How do I have a white icon for chrome dark theme?2020-02-16T20:54:06-05:00

If you are using a dark theme Chrome browser and the weather icon on the toolbar is not clear, just active the “White Icon on Browser’s Toolbar” in the “Settings”.

Web Store says this item has been disabled in Chrome?2020-02-16T20:54:50-05:00

This may happen sometime due to a plugin conflict, during a Chrome version update or if you accidentally disabled the plugin in a Chrome Toolbar. To enable UV Weather, please navigate to chrome://extensions page in Chrome, locate UV Weather and click Enable.

How can I request a feature?2020-02-16T20:57:19-05:00

We value users’ feedback on how to improve the UV Weather’s features and functionality. Please visit “Request a Feature” page and submit your idea.

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us.